About Find Real Me

Find Real Me Limited is a leading online domestic workers background check company registered in Kenya, in the year 2014. Our mission is to inspire a culture of domestic workers pre-employment screening, especially the component of background checks, as well as promote domestic workers employment and human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya. Our vision is to achieve a safer domestic service and households within Kenya.

We stand in belief that safety of a nation begins in households. Over the years, households had experienced a surge of crimes committed by rogue domestic workers. Most culprits operating as lone or in criminal cartels; and were often repeat offenders. A void was evident. A platform for employers to share information among themselves, thus enable each other make informed hiring decisions. It is on this backdrop that Find Real Me carefully generated interactive databases, where employers can register rogue domestic workers to impede their vicious cycle, as well as register their current domestic workers to track their professional history.

Currently, Find Real Me Databases holds data running to thousands and growing each day. Information on these databases dates back to 90’s courtesy of vigorous research done by our dedicated team. With these data, we have successfully ensured employers have made informed hiring decisions, rogue domestic workers have been brought to book and their cycle successfully impeded. This journey is still alive and strong! https://www.facebook.com/pg/findrealmeltd/reviews/?ref=page_internal


At Find Real Me, we are well aware that our mission and vision are null if we do not endorse domestic workers constitutional rights. Our legal team is therefore constantly sensitizing both employers and domestic workers on these rights.

Find Real Me Limited remains committed to serving diligently and dutifully in the spirit of community policing, to promote a safer community.